Patent for Vibrating Sieve
We have a patent from Turkish Patent Institute ( TPE ) with the number of TR 2006 07493 Y
Our Patent will be on service by Turk Patent Inst.
2006-G-226191 with date 21-03 2007
We are looking for general Distributors for the Russia
If you are a specialist on sieve machines you will be our represantative......
We are looking for the new vendors for domestic market !
Contact Person:
New model of Vibrating Sieve
MATTİT ! Mattit is the newest vibrating sieve, which you can change the speed automatic what speed you need.
Certificate Registration No TIC 15 100 52848 by TÜV Thüringen...
» Laser Cutting
The laser technology applied to metal cutting allows creating very high-quality details free from burrs and with perpendicular cut.
In addition, thanks to the very thin laser beam, it is possible to obtain intricate profiles and very-small-diameter holes with very low tolerances.
Laser cutting is the most suitable technique for thin sheets and complex contours, which require precision and reduced heat impact.
We can handle assignments up to a material thickness of between 20-25 mm and a maximum sheet width of 1,500 mm.
These orders are executed on the basis of your own drawings or alternatively in collaboration with us.
For the manufacture of complex contours with complex hole patterns, we offer a combination of laser cutting or plasma cutting and turret punching.
» Laser Cutting
» Punch Press
» Shearing
» Bending
» Welding
» CNC Plasma Cutting
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